About Pioneer Farm Weddings

From rustic to all out glamorous. Pioneer Weddings will accommodate it all. From a small intimate gathering of immediate friends and family to a gala the likes of which you've never seen, we are here to ensure that your wedding will not only be one to remember, but the one you've always dreamed of.

Your vision of your wedding is our vision too. Whether you imagine an intimate, casual day, or something more formal and grand, Pioneer Farm was created to be your dream wedding come true.  


Commitment to PLASTIC FREE.

We at Pioneer Farm are attempting to make our journey as transparent and accessible as possible, which is why we are encouraging others to join our mission. It involves the process of reducing the prominence and abundance of plastic, and we want to do it carefully and steadily so that our changes are sustainable.

In other words, we do not want to simply buy new plastic-free replacements, get rid of our old plastic products, and call the mission complete. Revisiting our goals is an important step in this process.

Here at Pioneer Farm, our motivation for minimizing our plastic use is multi-fold. We aim to reduce our environmental impact, helping to preserve the oceans that we cherish, live by, and play in. We will  preserve the health of ourselves, our families, and our guests and we will  illustrate to other small businesses and individuals that reducing plastic consumption is an achievable goal, and inspire them to work together toward a more ecologically-balanced future.




Over 140 Acres of Pristine Farmland

You, or your guests, will be able to explore endless trails, wooded glens, expansive bucolic fields





On site accommodation for 40 - 50 guests spread over 4 houses, two Airstreams, two tiny houses, a safari tent and ample space for traditional camping. There's also an extensive network of traditional Bed & Breakfasts, Airbnb rentals & hotels for as many guests as you would like.



Warwick is a great little village. Called the "Queen Village" among locals, it dates back to the 1700s and retains much of that old world charm. The village has lots of excellent small restaurants and bars, book stores & antique shops, nearly all of them owner-managed. Swing by Nobel Pies for over 70 variations of pie & quiches! With its friendly and unspoiled character, we're sure you'll enjoy Warwick. Just think Mayberry!