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Women's Authenticity Embodiment Retreat

Allowing the Original You to Come Through


Sacred feminine retreat offering kundalini yoga, trauma release and deep feminine healing. Immerse yourself in nature  on a 140 acre working flower and vegetable farm in the Hudson Valley. Nurture your body with organic vegetarian/vegan meals grown on the property and designed to assist your body in the beginning stages of  detoxification. Shift into the new paradigm where you release your suffering and step into the truth of who you really are. Strengthen the nervous system. Re-discover your core strength in relation to the feminine. Heal mother & sisterhood wounds so we can raise the collective vibration for beings all over the planet.

A 3-night exploration in the lush Warwick Valley combining:

  • EMBODIMENT PRACTICES ~ Kundalini Yoga, chanting, meditation, dance, sensual movement, conscious communication,

  • NATURE HEALING- immerse yourself in rolling hills, gentle breezes and aromatic flower gardens, dance with butterflies and walk silently on sacred native land.

  • RITUAL -sacred space for sisterhood healing, deep exploratory conversation to activate the fifth chakra and embody our full power

  • REJUVENATE- sound healing, nourishing and detoxifying foods grown organically on the farm


Who is this retreat for?

 Women who are ready to meet themselves at the deepest level, to fully participate in receiving love and in dismantling of the old paradigm. We call in women who are ready to disarm themselves of the habitual and unconscious patterns that keep them from living their highest joy and true purpose. 

How do we experience our beauty? 

In our face? In our heart, in our body? Limbs? Loins?

Tap in and you are connected to your golden wisdom.

You are home. 

Everything simply wants to be felt.

And the truth is darling that you are deeply irresistible.

You are beloved.

You can trust in your own innate divinity.

In your grief lies your power and your love.

The secret is in allowing. 

Innocent allowing. 

Your torment is your fertile soil. 

I trust in my divinity and everything else can blow with the wind.


Swaranpal Kaur

Patricia Hart is a certified social worker, educator, and yoga teacher who has been providing therapy to families and children for over 20 years. She began practicing yoga 10 years ago, as a way to destress, and quickly began to understand the power inherent in Yoga as a modality for healing. She has studied numerous forms of yoga including Hatha, Vinyasa, and Kundalini. She assists world renowned teachers, Gurmukh, Gurushabd, and Guru Dharam in teacher training level one, Khalsa Way Prenatal Yoga, and Kundalini Yoga Therapy. She specializes in yoga for: Children, pregnancy, fertility, addictions, and is available for one on one Yoga Therapy. She has studied various forms of energy work including Kundalini Yoga Therapy, which employs the understanding of the Chinese meridian systems, Ayurveda, numerology, kundalini and the esoteric. She has studied Tibetan Healing, Kabbalah, and Sound Healing.

She draws upon this vast array of methods in her esoteric approach to energy work.


Jenifer Patrick

Jenifer (Sevak Nam Kaur) is a certified Kundalini Yoga teacher. She came to the practice of yoga 9 years ago seeking a way to fully embody her spirit. Practicing Hatha and Vinyasa reconnected her to her body and her roots as a dancer, Kundalini Yoga took her all the way home. Through this transformational technology, she has been able to carve out the truest parts of herself. Leaving behind her “dream job” in the fashion industry and busy life in NYC for a simpler life, living on a small patch of land in the Hudson Valley. She offers weekly Kundalini Yoga classes, incorporating sound healing and dance. Bringing a lighthearted warmth, holding the space for others to dive deep and uncover their fullest potential. Off the mat, you will find Jen freelancing as a fashion stylist and visual merchandiser, traveling the world with her husband, playing with Sunny, her golden doodle, and enjoying the natural surroundings of the Hudson Valley.


Lindsay Keating Sherwin

Lindsay Keating Sherwin lives on Pioneer Farm. In the last five years since leaving her life as an artist in NYC she has healed her own addictions. She is now in the process of healing the depths of her soul through intuition, devotion and ritual. Living in communion with nature has shown her the way to heal through fasting, herbs, connection to self and spirit. She is an oil painter and flower farmer. She is committed to self exploration and connecting with other women at their deepest vulnerabilities using conscious communication.

Women's Authenticity Embodiment Retreat

Price includes 3 days of retreat programs and all meals, snacks.

ACCOMMODATIONS BILLED SEPARATELY. Please choose your accommodations below.

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Queen bedroom in 1747 House with shared bath

3 nights accommodation in a spacious queen bedroom with views of the property and original hardwood floors. This large historical home has lots of comfortable lounging space and two huge porches.

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King Bedroom 1747 House

3- nights accommodation in spacious King Bedroom in historic 1747 Farmhouse. This bedroom has an ensuite jack and jill bathroom shared with an adjacent bedroom. The home is ample lounge space and 2 large porches.

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The Creamery
from 300.00

The original dairy has been converted into a 2 bedroom residence aka “The Creamery”. Rustic beauty is the Creamery’s charm with hand hewn beams, wood burning stove and the original marble for keeping the milk cool. It is situated in a central location on the property and is connected to the barn. This would be an ideal space for sharing with a friend(s).

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Tiny Houses
House Name:
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Airstreams are perfect for someone looking for an extra memorable experience for a few nights. They each are equipped with AC, running water, bathroom, and small kitchen. Situated adjacent to the swimming pool and rose garden in a lush, green field.

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Earlier Event: October 13
Autumn Field Dinner